Who am I ?

I have many passions: hip-hop dance, singing, music and sport. When i was young, i was a big fan of tennis and i even practised it during 5 years.

I really like languages too. I like to discover a new alphabet, a new prononciation and a new writing. We can say that I am multicultural cause my parents both have different cultures.

I really like laughing and being silly to make my friends laugh. It doesn't mean I'm not serious. I'm reliable, sociable and i know when i have to be serious.

After being graduated in licence of Korean language and civilization, I choosed to continue my studies toward communication. To communicate is something very natural for me, that's why I choosed that way. People usually say that I am a good communicator, so trust them and trust me !

Contact me

65 rue des Grands Moulins
75013 Paris

: qmengboyer@gmail.com